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Pianist, Producer, Composer


A young, narrative, atmospheric pianist with a modern look on the current improvised and produced music scene.



with Loek van den Berg

A duo with a specific focus on improvised music and having a special conversation which each other.  Our project involves own compositions with a specific theme which allow non-jazz lovers to get a special look in what improvised music really is.


Available for every interesting project in the jazz/pop/theatre scene. I am currently playing at Wicked Jazz Sounds and teaching at the Lindenberg huis voor de kunsten in Nijmegen as well as working with many other artists (like Dam Swindle, Lottie Mae Jones, Alexandra Alden) as a keyboard player on freelance base.

o.a. Wicked Jazz Sounds & Teaching



Acting musician on stage

I recently worked with the Kameroperahuis on the show Welstaat (with o.a. Bas Keijzer) and as musical director of theater group het Collectief. I am currently performing in Pepijn Gunneweg's project: The Great Wonder, where I play accordeon, piano and guitar as well as a bit of acting and singing.


Piano + electronics

Atmospheric, narrative, neoclassical piano music in combination with etheric voices and droning synthesizers. 


The album 'Pintures' will be released end 2021/beginning 2022 and the first single 'Ambedo' is planned for 02/04/2021.


Modern Creative

Doppler trio biedt een verfrissende blik op de huidige improvisatie scene. Hoewel hun bezetting die van een traditioneel jazz-combo is, is verder alles anders. Synthesizers, effecten, folk-invloeden, vocalen en Oosterse ritmiek zijn slechts enkele ingrediënten die het trio toevoegt aan hun moderne jazzgeluid.


and composer

Worked as composer and producer with o.a. Berenice van Leer, ELIËN and the theatre companies as Garage TDi. Also composed and arranged for bigger ensembles like the ArtEZ Big Collective, Klein Collective and other projects like my Quintet or the Pentatonic Project.